The reason why fake IDs are popular 

Nowadays, scannable fake ids cards are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers, and even some middle-aged people are turning to us to customize their cards. Whether it’s buying beer, completing online verification, or looking for a job, there is no doubt that cards really offer us endless possibilities and open new doors. In this article, we will understand how to buy fake ids through the requirements of users and the situation of buying fake ids.

Many people feel like they shouldn’t have to wait until they’re 21 to drink and socialize with their friends at bars and clubs. John’ is one such person who got a fake ID to be able to participate in these activities. Although he prefers to remain anonymous, he explains that he wanted to feel like an adult and enjoy the same experiences as his peers.

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The back of fake Ohio ID which is one of the way bouncers identify fakes that are brought to the bar.

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In addition to young people, fake ID cards are also welcomed by some adults. Imagine if your ID card is lost or your id card has expired, your original ID card cannot be recognized, and you are currently looking for a job, then an idpapa fake IDs card

can solve your problem. Don’t underestimate the convenience that the scannable fake ids card can bring. At some point, you will truly feel its usefulness when you are using novelty card. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a well-paying job just because of age restrictions. In such cases, a trust fake ids card could be the solution to your problem.

What’s more, fake IDs can even help you pass Roblox or store verifications. We once had a customer who used our idpapa fake ids card to register several stores on Amazon. This may also be the reason why cards are becoming increasingly popular. As we have always emphasized, there are two sides in a coin. Novelty cards can bring convenience, but there are also downsides. We must stick to our hearts and not cause trouble for society. 

How to get fake IDs

  • One: legit fake ids site

According to an anonymous student from Ohio State University, he and his friends purchased a bundle of fake South Carolina IDs from a fake ids vendor idpapa for around $60 each during their freshman year. While his ID and its backup falsely claimed that he was from South Carolina, other identifying details such as his height and weight were accurate, allowing him to recite them at bars without raising suspicion.

The student noted that finding a reliable fake ids online website and providing all the necessary information to order a scannable fake ID can be challenging, but he believed it was worth the effort. Without the fake ID, he would have had to rely on others to buy alcohol for him.

Just like the aboved anonymous student mentioned earlier, they can pool together to place an order on a legit fake ids website, with one person acting as a coordinator to track the progress of the order, handle payments, and collect money from the purchasing group. Such coordinators are not uncommon on college campuses. They act as intermediaries between the producers and consumers of fake IDs. For young people who are not familiar with the fake IDs industry and are afraid of being scammed, buying scannable fake IDs from a campus coordinator is considered a reliable option.

This method of obtaining fake IDs is considered one of the more reliable options, as any quality issues can be effectively resolved. After all, these coordinators have been selected many fake ids maker to be the fake ids agency through multiple evaluations.

  • Three:Darknet

Without a doubt, there are many fake IDs manufacturers on the dark web. A quick search on Reddit for where to buy fake IDs online will yield a bunch of contact information for fake ids vendors on darkweb. Unlike regular websites where mentioning specific fake IDs such as McLovin ID can be risky, the dark web has no such restrictions, making it more convenient and free to discuss.

But to be honest, there have been too many cases of people being scammed when buying fake IDs on the dark web. I had a friend who bought a fake Texas IDs for $1000 on the dark web, and the vendor used various pretexts to increase the cost, and in the end, he never even received the Texas fake IDs card. However, on the most reputable websites, the cost for buying a fake ID is only around $120-200, depending on the courier service we choose.

Buy premium fake ids online

Some netizens express their views on purchasing cards on the dark web on Quora.

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In addition to the problem of false shipments and merchants running away, the prices of cards sold on the dark web vary widely, with some claiming to be high-quality cards costing three times the normal price.

How to choose a reliable card manufacturer? 

First, check the fake ids manufacturer’s reputation and credibility by searching for relevant information on social media and online forums. Second, choose a scannable fake ids maker with clear production processes and quality management systems to ensure product quality and stability. It is also important to consider the manufacturer’s after-sales service and responsiveness. Finally, we recommend contacting the manufacturer’s customer service before purchasing to understand the product details and inquire about relevant after-sales services and guarantees. If a manufacturer doesn’t respond to your questions before purchasing, then regardless of whether or not they are a scammer, such a service attitude is already insufficient for us to choose them.

IDpapa is a fake IDs card manufacturer that provides one-stop services from production, sales to shipping, aiming to enhance our customers’ shopping experience at every stage. If you have any questions, please feel free to join our Telegram channel. We share our product photos and videos on various social media platforms and release the latest versions of our cards. As one of the fastest updating manufacturers in the industry, we believe you will be satisfied with our products and services. In the face of doubts and slanders, we are fearless because a large number of customer positive reviews for idpapa fake ids sevice is our confidence.

How to get fake ids at IDpapa?

The first method is to place an order on our website. If your order is successfully submitted, we will produce the fake ids card within 5 working days. If you are unsure whether the order has been successfully placed or want to check the status of the order, please feel free to contact our customer service. Before shipping, we will also send the product image to your email. After shipping, we will send the tracking number to you via email. Therefore, please make sure that the information you submitted is correct and that your email is frequently used.

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IDpapa follows up with customer orders
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Secondly, before you make a purchase, we welcome you to subscribe to our Telegram channel. Here, we regularly update our product videos, customer feedback, and most importantly, we have occasional coupon and discount activities with discounts of up to 20%. We also organize group purchase activities, which means that if the number of purchases in the group reaches a certain quantity, you can save half of the price for the card, which originally costs $150. For reorder customers, contacting our Telegram customer service can get even better prices.

The ordering process in our Telegram channel

Step1: Collect your fake ids card information— Our customer service staff will provide an information template, and customers need to fill in this information.

Step 2: Confirm your fake ids card information — After receiving the customer’s information, we will submit it to our production system and create a clear table format. Our customer service will also double confirm the information on fake ids with the customer.

Step 3: Complete payment for fake ids order— After the customer confirms the information, we will generate a dedicated payment link for your fake ids order. Once the customer completes the payment, please show the proof of payment to our customer service.

Step 4: Start fake ids production— After the customer confirms the payment is completed, we will start to produce your fake ids. Our production cycle usually takes no more than 5 working days. During this period, we conduct multiple quality inspections to ensure that the card quality meets the standards. At the same time, we also keep in touch with our customers throughout the production process, providing timely feedback on progress and production status.

Step 5: After novelty cards are produced, we will send the finished product photos to the customer. Once the customer confirms, we will arrange for shipment. We offer two types of shipping services for customers to choose from. Our customer service team will send the shipping tracking number to the customer within one working day.


IDpapa is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fake ID cards, providing comprehensive services from production to sales and shipping. We strive to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to our customers at every stage. Our Telegram channel is open for any questions or concerns you may have, and we regularly share product photos and videos on various social media platforms to keep you updated on the latest versions of our cards. As one of the fastest updating manufacturers in the industry, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our products and services. 

Currently, we are reporting promotional activities on our Telegram channel. Come and join us! IDpapa Fake IDs service is always by your sides.

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