Scannable FAKE ID UPDATE 2023

What can the bouncers scan for?

Last month, we discussed why people use scannable fake ids and summed up nine reasons why novelty cards are used widely. Today let’s share something interesting about driver license scanning and know where is the scannable technology updated. A fake ID that can be scanned is important if you don’t want your card confiscated. Bar, adult party, or casino is full of fun and excitement, but you have to pass the ID scanning of bouncers. To make sure our fake driver’s license can pass all scanning technology, we will do the scanning test before delivery. Through the scanning machine, the bouncers can know their names, ages, and gender, and they can be allowed to buy alcohol or cigarette. 

In the USA, each state can make its specific laws according to the specific local circumstances of the state, so the fake driver’s license of each state is different, and the scan pattern is also different. We will take idapapa fake Georgia driver license as an example, and show you the front and back sides of Georgia ID. If you place either the driver’s license or the ID card underneath a UV light, you can see that there is a UV image of the Georgia state seal in the middle of the front of the card. On the back of the Georgia state driver’s license under a UV light, in the middle, there is a blue light around the capitol building of the city of Savannah. At the top of the building, like a lighthouse, the bright yellow light was everywhere.

Where is the scannable IDs card updated?
However,  the federal government updates the card’s scannable security details every three months to combat counterfeit cards. As a new force in the industry, the IDpapa team follow the policy and was the first to update scannable Florida fake IDs 2023 and release the latest 2023 scanning version of the counterfeit card. We also take Florida Driver’s License as an example. Compare to the old and updated version, we can know where the scannable fake IDs are updated.

Polycarbonate material is one of the strongest thermoplastic materials that are used a lot for bullet-proof glass and indestructible protectors, which makes it also the safest material for an ID card. The DMV has decided to rely on Poly composite cards because it allows space for warping during the lamination process & can endure higher temperatures. All the PVC hologram sleeves have to be upgraded according to each template. And IDpapa has completed the process.

Teslin card is a synthetic material with high flexibility, easy for printing jobs, tear-resistant, and waterproof properties. Due to its flexibility, it is compatible with various printing methods. This is why Teslin will be used as a basic card when we create fake ids. If without a Teslin card, the fake ID is just like a room key which is bad and has low flexibility. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer with high flexibility and durability that is used for many items in manufacture and daily use. The PVC-based card can last for at least eight years.

In addition to using good production materials in our 2023 updated scannable ID, production machines are also very important. To make 1:1 high-quality fake ids concerning the real id, we choose a high-end PVC ID card printer because the related government departments also use these to create a real ID. However, to ensure that the counterfeit ID card has all features assumed as a real ID card, we will need different printer types. Here we list this printer machine for you below:

Bilateral card printers: These printers print on both sides of Poly or PVC cards. They automatically flip the card once one side is done. Compared to the single-side printer, it is more convenient for the manufacturer. We allow the printing of more information on the card.

Laminating ID card printers: All state id cards issued by DMV are laminated of necessity. Lamination technical is to protect against wear and tear as well as stop any attempt of tampering. Can be said that lamination is a super important part of the process of production. If the manufacturer does not have sophisticated technology, the cards are vulnerable to quale problems and even confiscation. To be honest, a laminating photo-id printing machine is expensive, but an essential expense.  

Hologram and UV ID printer machine: Each state real ID card has a different hologram image, only visible once UV light is shined on the card. There are some cards under the UV lamp that is not able to see the authenticity of the details, especially the New York State ID. We have to use a 10~50x magnifying lens to check the details, it is also named micro printing. We have to say that few manufacturers are doing this technology, but we can achieve this detail. In our scannable ID updated 2023 version, we also change the hologram design according to the DMV issue.

As per the above description, no doubt laminating ID technology plays a very important role in the production process. Fake ids covered with laminated holograms are as same as real ids which are issued by the state DMV. As we said above, laminating ID is not an easy job, this is why the technology is only used by the best fake id manufacturers. To ensure the quality which can reach the issue by DMV, the IDpapa team try our best to get a real id as a sample in America and research the real id step by step to study the card quality and create a craft of each layer. Besides we also focus on the thickness compared with the real id to 1:1 create one scannable fake id.

All the individual information, elements, and images are not printed on one card. A fake id is laminated by 4-6 film sheets, but this standard must according to different state-issued standards. At first, we will need the Teslin card as a basic. And second print holograms on a PVC card, and third we print the bar code on the film sheet, and so on. Until we print each element on a PVC card. Well, the last but most important is laminating. Teslin was placed between a few film sheets a little wider in dimension than the Teslin card itself, in between the sheets of paper, and passed between two heated rollers to create a firm seal. “It is not easy to laminate all sheets of card, it will spend 5 hours at least to create one fake scannable ID.”

——Said by an engineer at the IDpapa store.

Laminating can help the scannable fake ids be less susceptible to cracking, bending, and other physical damage. The increased durability means that customers don’t need to worry about changing ID cards every month. And the elimination makes the printed text and photo look brighter and easier to read, and less light reflection. The ID card looks natural, sophisticated, and secure.

According to the ability of the printer, the process begins with a clear film, and the built-in layer pressure module uses high temperature to perform layer pressure. There is no doubt that the correct investment of materials and equipment will ensure that the layer pressure process is smoother than ever.

At present, the market requirements and laws are controlled, which leads to fake ID card manufacturers having to improve their production technology. In the field of ID scannable, IDpapa achieves breakthroughs. We have completed the ID barcode on the back side and cracked the double code, which is unique in the world, such as CT, PA, RI, MI, MO, and MS. Your support is our encouragement, IDpapa never stops to provide more high-quality ID for our customers. Looking forward to receiving comments from you.

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