Improbable Shipping Expectations: Our Introspection

Have you ordered a fake ID or multiple licenses and expecting it to arrive in a matter of four to five days? The answer is simple.

The business of fake IDs is not as easy as making a photocopy or printing plastic cards. It is a complex set of tasks that enables fake ID makers to accomplish making scannable IDs.

Over 20,000 fake IDs were recently seized at Chicago Airport. Even though they weren’t ours, we still take precautions to safeguard customer privacy. We never compromise by rushing the standard process.

Just like any normal online business advertising campaigns & slogans are a norm for fake ID websites.’s Process

Slogans with false advertised promises such as providing a fake ID in three to four days. With a little knowledge & logic, you would know that it is comparatively impossible to do so.

Every fake ID service has to spend two to four days to make a PVC or Polycarbonate replica of a driver’s license.

Here’s how our manufacturing process includes the following.

  1. Customer Information – Encrypted information of each customer in the form of a (.CSV) is converted & stored for a limited amount of time on servers. [DURATION 24 HOURS]
  2. Factory Printing – The template is filled with provided photo (altered using our photoshop experts if required) & data provided by the customer includes (DOB, License, Expiry, Date of Issue, Signature). [DURATION 1-2 DAYS]
  3. Holograms & Laminating Sleeves – Finished fake ID cards are laminated & double-checked to ensure they will scan. The staff runs the cards through different scanning applications to match the credentials on the apps & the ID. [DURATION 1 DAY]
  4. Shipping & Wrapping – Your IDs are then provided to a team that puts them in a package & ships it via a courier company. The process also includes hiding the fake IDs in proper way so that the packages do not come under the scrutiny of Customs [DURATION 1-5 DAY]



The whole process which includes PROCESSING + PRINTING + SHIPPING takes 10-12 days for standard orders & 7-8 days with express or rush shipping. This is the fastest shipping time for any fake ID provider in the current market.


Comparing our reviews & time-frame with other websites; we conclude that other makers complete the same process in a matter of 3-4 weeks for rush orders & 1-2 months for standard orders.

Standard Time – The USPS, FedEx & DHL standard delivery time used to be shorter than a period of 10 days before COVID19. However, due to the pandemic, every shipping company is taking a longer time than expected. 

Rush Fake ID Service – We charge you additional money for this but the shipping is faster than standard. We advertise 4-5 days shipping time but not to mention that it takes three to four days to make your ID. But if you want your ID quickly, then we ask you to stick to Rush Shipping.

Shipping Misconceptions

Most customers want a fake ID fast. It is normal to ask for that. However, there are hurdles and we cannot accomplish that in a matter of days. We wish it were easy to make a novelty ID as making a burger.

We can proudly say that in 2020, has been the fastest fake ID service & emerged as the #1 provider.

Our shipping time frames have been unmatched so far. 99% fake ID providers are scam & the 1% will take a month or more to deliver you an ID that would be bizarre. Trustpilot indicates our rating to be 4.5 & since it is an open platform for critics hence the score is highly justified. It implies the reputation of our service.

Solutions to Slow Shipping

We value customer satisfaction in a way that no other fake ID service can. Our staff is considering two possible methods to even make the shipping process faster.

  1. Say Goodbye to Standard Shipping: It means that we no longer provide free or standard shipping service. Your package will be delivered via Rush service. There is only one downside to this & that is to increase the price.
  2. Keep Things Simple: We also believe that raising price & shipping express packages will only make it difficult for us as a business to survive. We know that shipping courier companies will be back to normal time as the pandemic ends up.


If you order a fake license on our platform. Keep two things in your mind. We are not going to be able to send you an ID in a matter of two to three days. Nobody can do so. is the fastest counterfeit ID service but yet we have our limitations as described. 

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