Illinois Drivers License ( 2024)

Note: Finished Product won’t have “LITFAKES” printed


Looking to quickly get your hands on a REALISTIC Illinois fake ID that can pass IN-STATE every. single. time?

Our IL License scans like the real one, shines like the real one,  bends like the real one and looks like the real one. To the naked eye this is the EXACT same as a government-issued license.

These cards are THAT GOOD  that if you don’t like it – simply mail it back to us and we won’t charge you a cent!

Tested in-state from Chicago to the Sticks, this card has scanned perfectly every single time.

Our Illinois DL’s (and Fake ‘Identification Cards’) are produced by us with ALL SECURITY FEATURES included, such as:

  • Scannable Strip and Barcode on the Back of the card – TESTED before we send it out!
  • Two Ghost-Photos of your face printed in the bottom right corner – ours are printed using an expensive ($50k) laser printer which looks much better than the competition
  • Coated in Durable TESLIN Material – we don’t use cheap materials so they FEEL right
  • Ultra High-Definition Printing so when it is placed uner a microscope all the small details can be seen
  • Laser-embossed text – so when a bouncer rubs his fingers on the card he can feel the text pop up

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