ID Card Scanners & Apps: How do they work?

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  1. What is an ID card scanner?
  2. Types of ID scanners 
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But before you go and buy one, here are a few things you should know about the ID card scanners.

What is an ID card scanner?

So, while technological advancement has allowed them to create these ids from the comfort of their homes, the same advancement allows for a way to catch fraudulent IDs.

An ID card scanner is an electronic device that is used to read data on an ID card. An ID card scanner can read different barcodes, MRZ codes, and OCR and turn them into meaningful data.

The ID card scanner may have a barcode reader or a magnetic stripe reader and sometimes both. The device uses fake id scanner apps to read the digital data stored on any card’s magnetic stripe or barcode and displays the details on the screen, depending on the model.

It helps enforce the laws against carrying fake IDs and causing misdemeanors. That’s not all. If you are selling age-sensitive products, operating in law enforcement, airlines or the entertainment sector, you must have access to such devices.

Benefits of the Fake ID Scanner Apps

  1. Improved efficiency with ID checking.
  2. Reduction in the use of fake IDs in the underaged.
  3. Records fraudulent IDs and flags them instantaneously.
  4. Protects you from loss of income and jail time.

The primary purpose of the fake ID card scanners is to verify the age of an individual. The bouncer, bartender, or employee can decide if the person is eligible to buy the age-regulated product.TOP FAKE ID

The ID scanner also detects that the ID card given by an individual is authentic or fake. Online markets have made it effortless for any teenager in the USA to buy a fake ID. While these are the fundamental purposes of an ID card scanner, it also has its advantages. Here are some:

1. ID Scanners For Bars

If a shop owner or employee does not detect a fake ID, there are chances that they can serve alcohol to minors. This can result in fines, or their license can be revoked. The ID scanners will ensure that the right person is served.

The data that the shop or club collects via ID scanners also has demographic information that can be used to make effective marketing strategies.  Clubs that are open late night are always at considerable risk. Risk involves people fighting or consuming illegal items on the premises of the club. The ID card scanner saves data of scanned cards.

Hence, people who create mischief can be identified, and their details can be handed over to the police. This way, people are more careful about their actions in the club.

ID Scanners Apps Online

Institutions like casinos, nightclubs, convenience stores, and airports officials can legally own such devices. In most recent models, you will find a magnetic stripe and a barcode reader with a small screen to display the readings or data. Some scanners can feature small keypads and a touch-screen as well, which helps control data input. Applications such as BCS, Show-Me ID are popularly used worldwide and have spotted fake ids not scanning 2022.

Scanning devices have helped club owners save time, and shop owners avoid getting fined or fooled. These sophisticated machines enable business to even detect the advanced scannable fake IDs.

Some high-end ID scanners can also work with military and state IDs. Irrespective of your device, the initial procedure of catching fake IDs would be similar. You can follow these steps carefully to understand how an ID card scanner works:

  1. Switch on the device and let it power itself.
  2. Swipe, dip or align the ID on the reader surface.
  3. In a few seconds, you will find the information displayed on the screen.
  4. The scanner will perform an analysis by comparing the card details with state standards.
  5. There will be an auditory or visual alarm if the ID is fake.
  6. You can compare the data with the printed card.

Based on this information, you can take necessary actions against the individual if the verification fails. Remember, ID scanners also flag expired cards, so double-check before taking action.

Thereafter, the well-designed machines will reset to ready-state, while cheaper machines will require manual resetting. Moreover, high-tech scanners will record all the IDs an operator scans.

Types of ID scanners 

Before you decide to purchase an id scanner, you need to know about their types. There are two different types, and each has a specific function. You will find numerous models and makes of such devices. However, the ideal ID scanners can either be a countertop or handheld devices with a 10 x 5 x 3-inch size.

1. Barcode ID Scanners

If you are looking to buy a scanner to ‘verify the age‘ of an individual by their ID card, then this is one here perfect for you.

Barcode scanners scan the 2D barcode on the back of identity cards. The 2D barcode contains information about the individual ID holder. Once the card is scanned, the scanner will decode the data in the 2D barcode and display it.

There are three different types of barcode ID scanners.

  • Handheld barcode ID scanner
  • Stationery barcode ID scanner
  • Applications in a smartphone that scan barcode

You can use whichever barcode ID scanner you feel is most convenient for your business. However, many customers feel unsafe when they see an employee using a smartphone to scan their ID cards. A handheld or stationary barcode ID scanner will look professional, and the customer will be at ease.

The barcode ID scanner will notify you if the scanned through is expired or if the individual is not of valid age to entre a club, buy alcohol, or do whatever age-restricted service you are providing.

There is a green ‘√’ sign that comes up on the screen if the individual is liable by age to get the age-restricted service. If not, there is a red ‘X’ sign comes on the screen.

Barcode scanners are perfect for clubs and bars. Bouncers and servers can quickly check the ID without having to spend too much time on one patron, and it is more accurate than visual inspection.

Most tickets a shop or club receives are because minors get access to age-restricted products/services due to the employer’s miscalculations. A barcode ID scanner will significantly reduce the chances of these mistakes happening again.

The barcode ID scanner can also catch forged ID cards. They will detect low-quality fake ID cards with incorrect data, or no data in the barcode of the card. However, the barcode ID scanner will not be able to catch the high-quality fake IDs because they have the correct data encoded on the card’s barcodes.

They look authentic and also mimic hidden security features of real ID cards. Hence, some high-quality fake ID holders might be entering your club or buying an age-restricted product from you.

2. Forensic ID Scanners

This scanner is also known as ‘box scanner‘ given its large size. They are the latest scanners in the market and can detect the highest quality forgeries.

The forensic scanners have a library of 1,500 authentic documents and licenses. This device’s software compares the scanned ID features (design and security) against the original ID features.

It checks the holograms, OCR, UV, and microprint. Almost all features are reviewed in detail before declaring the ID as fake or authentic. If the ID fails the test, the machine will also display the elements it reports as forged or missing in the scanned ID card.

Meanwhile, a forensic scanner is the best ID scanner in the market. There are still chances that a person who is not allowed to buy or enter can get access.

They can use their older brother or sister’s authentic ID, and the checker might not notice because almost all siblings have similar physical features.

ID scanners on the market: Features and Prices 

Finding the right one can be challenging even in a market saturated with such devices. When looking for them, ensure that the functions include age verification, loss prevention, and data capture. However, if you do not want to do your research, feel free to pick up any of the following ID scanners.

Here is a list of some of the best fake ID card scanners and what they offer you.

1. Age Visor Touch ID Scanner by Token Works




  • If you own a liquor store, then this countertop barcode scanner is the best choice for you. This 7 x7 device will occupy a small space on your countertop. The device can be used as soon as it is out of the box– no set up required.
  • If you are looking for fast operation, this device is just for you. Being counter-space friendly makes it extremely easy to use for operators in every sector. The vast screen makes the information easy to read and assess.
  • When you check an ID, you won’t have to press any buttons as the ID scanner is motion-activated. The scanner will give you audible alarms if the individual is not age-appropriate or is trying to provide you with a fake ID.
  • The device can store data of 1 million+ customers, and you can also tag the customer’s data. It will notify you if the client that has come to your shop is banned, VIP, or a loyal customer.
  • This way, you can deal with them accordingly. Also, developers at Tokenworks are continuously updating their software. You will also get software updates, updated driver license formats, and software features for free.

2. Quantum Handheld ID Scanner by IDETECT




  • The Quantum handheld ID scanner scans the 2D barcode on ID cards. It decodes the information on the barcode on displays it on the screen. The information displayed will be the card holder’s name, DOB, age, last visit, and tag.
  • This wireless ID scanner is a crowd favorite amongst bouncers and alcohol dispensaries. It has a powerful battery that you charge by plugging into a computer, which will last at least 12 hours. The scanner also has an easy-to-use interface and features a management tool endorsed by the authorities.
  • The icons on the screen will tell the checker if the individual is okay or not. They are prominently displayed on the screen. The scanner will also determine if the ID card is fake or has been tampered with.
  • The scanner is mobile and has a rugged design that will survive the wear and tear of daily use. The scanner also keeps a record of customers, and if a customer that is tagged a ‘troublemaker‘ or ‘fake ID card for verification‘ enters the system, the owner will be notified immediately. 
  • This scanner is perfect for bars that have to deal with the rush of patrons on weekends.

3. Ayline App

This app enables a person in authority to scan IDs cards, passports, and license plates with a smartphone. The app can be used anywhere and anytime. It is 20 times faster than manual data entry and supports iOS, Android, Win UWPXamarinCordovaReactNative interfaces.

The data on the app is completely secured as it stays in a closed system. There are no third-party clouds involved. It is location and connection independent, and captures data on the card, including the verification image.  

The Australian police department has adopted the app because of its ease of use and accuracy. The app can be custom-built to suit your ID scanning needs.AU POLICE

4. IDVISOR Smart Plus by Tokenworks 




  • This ID scanner has all the smart features needed in an ID scanner. The features are a 5-inch LCD touch screen, verbal and audible warnings, customer relationship management features (tagging them as VIP or banned), and a database management feature.
  • This device has a battery-powered source that lasts over 12 hours after one charge, along with lifetime software updates. You can operate it using Wi-Fi, and it supports 4G as well. The intuitive interface ensures that you never misinterpret or miss out on any data that flashes on the screen.
  • It reads all Canadian, US, and military IDs within one second. If there are format updates of cards, your software will also be updated for free. The battery of the device will easily last a full night, so you don’t have to worry about recharge on a busy Saturday night!
  • The ID scanner is reliable and durable. This one purchase can save the owner from hefty fines and license cancellations.


Fake IDs have become a massive problem for business owners. ID scanners are not a luxury but a necessity. The $1000 device can save you from a fine of $3000, loss of business days, and the hassle to get a new license after the previous one is revoked. It is a small investment which will help you in numerous ways.

An ID scanner is a crucial tool for establishments and businesses. Even otherwise, given that Americans have been using fake IDs for various illegal purposes, if you are in an industry that could help uphold the law, you should do your part. Now that you know what an ID scanner is and how it works, invest in them to safeguard your business’s reputation while also helping the youth of your nation.

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