10 Ways to Spot a Fake Georgia ID

  1. Georgia driver’s license is easy to fake
  2. What is a Georgia fake ID used for?
  3. 1. Smart Apps
  4. 2. Scan Georgia ID Codes
  5. 3. Ultraviolet Inspection
  6. 4. Holograms on Georgia ID
  7. 5. Fake Vs Real Laminates
  8. 6. Real Georgia ID comes complex micro-thermal printing
  9. 7. Check for format mistakes
  10. 8. Georgia ID credentials
  11. 9. Inspect the font texture
  12. 10. Photo of the cardholder

If you live in Georgia state, you must own several ID cards that you will need for various purposes. These ID cards are issued by the government through the legal process. Here, we are going to learn more about it. First of all, let’s find more about the types of Georgia ID cards that you can get and might already have.

There are at least three types of Georgia ID Card. They are Regular License Class, Identification (ID) Card, and Permit Cards. 

Georgia driver’s license is easy to fake

The driver’s license is much easier to fake because it still uses the old manufacturing methods, including the simple laminating and printing technique. 

The Polycarbonate for the newer Georgia id is easy to get. Then, you also can use a simple laser printer to print the information on the card. The one that is quite tricky is the lamination layer for protection.

What is a Georgia fake ID used for?

IDs confiscated by a Bar in Georgia

You can even find a service that can provide the best fake ID card that you need for the Georgia area.  Many people, especially teenagers who are not of legal age, use the card for many things. However, mostly, many of them use it to buy liquor.

Some of them also use it for entering a place that is only allowed for adults. . So, if you run a business, you should know how to spot this fake card. 

Here, we have ten methods that you can use to detect fake id cards. All of these methods are easy to do, even if you are not an expert in detecting the card. Of course, we recommend you hire a professional inspector, especially if your business requires its customers to use their ID card a lot. 

This time, we are going to focus on how to detect fake driver’s license cards for Georgia state.

Here are the ten popular methods to spot a Georgia fake ID:

1. Smart Apps

You can find many Smartphone apps that you can use to detect and scan the barcode on the driver’s license. It will verify its authenticity to see whether it is genuine or fake. Some of the most popular applications are Show-Me IDScannR, & Vemos by Apple. Make sure you use the best app, and then you can turn your mobile gadget into a reliable scanner.

2. Scan Georgia ID Codes

You also can invest in ID Scanner. It is affordable. So, you can purchase it without any problem. This tool can detect various ID cards, including fraudulent driver’s license of Georgia. Moreover, this tool is available in a handheld size. That makes it easy to carry. In case you need to check your customer ID, you can take it out from your counter to see the validity of the ID card.

This tool is also easy to use. It reads the barcodes on the back of the Georgia id. If the information does not match the encoding then it will come up with a false alarm. You only need to put it on the card surface. Then, it will show you detailed information about that license card. If it is the fake ID, the information on the scanner screen will be different or even doesn’t show any confirmation.

3. Ultraviolet Inspection

Next, you need to get a tool that produces ultra-violet light. You can find it easily in various stores. Get the portable one with a small dimension. That way you can easily carry it around when you provide the service to your customer. 

When you are checking the Georgia driver’s license, use the ultra-violet tool on the card to look for specific features such as the Capitol or stars on the surface.

The driver’s license in Georgia uses special print and image on it, which looks invisible to naked eyes. When you shine it with ultra-violet light, that image will appear. Even the best fake id websites cannot replicate this image and technology. 

4. Holograms on Georgia ID

This part is one of the most difficult to copy on a fake driver’s license. The counterfeiter mostly uses a simple printed image with dim color to create the hologram effect.

However, the real one uses a genuine hologram. Therefore, to check whether this part is real or not, try to check it under the light. Move it around to make it reflect the light. The real hologram will flash in different colors. This method is the easiest one to use for checking and spotting a fake license.

5. Fake Vs Real Laminates

You need to find whether the lamination layer plastic has been tampered with. It is also known as the splitting process. The fake driver’s license mostly uses cheap plastic. Compared to the real driver license lamination plastic, the fake one has poor quality. 

So, to detect the fake one, you can touch it with your finger. The fake lamination plastic is easy to bend and fold. The genuine drive license uses firm and thicker plastic. It is not easy to bend or fold it with just a small touch of your finger. So, try to find and feel it with your finger to know the texture and characteristics.

6. Real Georgia ID comes complex micro-thermal printing

Next, you also can use microprint to detect the fake driver’s license. This is the protection feature that many states in the US use for drive licenses, including Georgia. The microprint uses a very small-sized font printed on the card surface. Because it is so small and its letters are close to each other, it looks like a simple line. 
You will need a magnifier to see this microprint. For the best result, use the 10x magnifier. It is a specialized magnifier for checking microprint. The price might a bit expensive. But, this is a valuable investment for your business.

As for its location, you can find it right under the driver’s photo. Therefore, you also can check this part while also checking the photo quality. The fake drive license will only use a simple line without any text in it. The government uses specific equipment to print it, so it is difficult to copy.

7. Check for format mistakes

Many states in the US use different printing formats for a driver’s license. The minor driver’s license uses the vertical format. On the other hand, the adult or people over 21 years old, get the horizontal license format.

Therefore, they don’t know the right format for different age ranges. So, if you find someone that looks young, but uses a horizontal driver’s license that could be a fake driver’s license. 

8. Georgia ID credentials

One of the methods to make a fake driver’s license is using other expired driver licenses. You change the photo of that license with your photo, apply the lamination layer, and voila, you get yourself a fake driver’s license. If you can do it perfectly, other people won’t be able to see the difference. 

However, there is a flaw in this method. Most people that use this trick don’t care to change the text or other information on the card. Therefore, make sure you see this information, especially the valid date. If you found that the card date is already past its expiration, it is 100% a fake driver’s license.

9. Inspect the font texture

Some of them even change the information on the card. It is a bit difficult to detect. However, you can still spot the flaw by looking at the text consistency. Make sure the text is even and similar to each other. Any weird part on the text is also another sign that the driver’s license is the fake one.

10. Photo of the cardholder

The first method is checking the photo quality. You can see it directly under the light. Make sure that the photo shows the face of the person that owns that card. So, the photo shouldn’t be blurry or have a part that is difficult to recognize who is in that photo.

Then, when you put it under the light, it should reflect some of the light. The driver’s license in Georgia uses high-quality print for the photo, so it looks clear. More importantly, you also should compare the photo with the person that uses that card. Make sure it is the same person that uses it and the one in the photo.


The last method you can use is hiring an inspector for a driving license and ID card. It might cost you a lot. However, if your business needs a more effective way to detect a fake ID card, the inspector will be one of your best investments for business. Now, we hope you know what you should do to detect fake driver licenses in the Georgia area. Use our methods above. They are all easy to do. You can make your business grow and succeed with those methods.

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